Hello, Aspiring UX-er!

Take your portfolio to the next level with a personalized, one-on-one review session.

During the portfolio review, learn how to effectively incorporate your skills and past work into your UX portfolio.

We’ll talk about the right way to present effective portfolios and how to:

  • Leverage your portfolio to get more interviews
  • Be authentic with your portfolio to increase job leads
  • Identify what’s working in your portfolio and what’s not
  • Learn the framework for turning a project into a killer case study
  • Stay away from the biggest mistakes you don’t want to make in your portfolio
  • Prove to hiring managers that you’re a great candidate
  • Overcome challenges you’re facing: Imposter syndrome, lack of experience, and building up your confidence

Spend an intense hour with a seasoned UX professional who has helped creative agencies, UX consultancies, and Fortune 500 companies interview and vet potential user experience candidates.

You will receive guidance and support so you don’t have to piecemeal everything on your own. Let’s review your portfolio pieces and get you more interviews. We’ll do this over screenshare. You will leave the call with specific actionable next steps to continue working on your portfolio.

Get clear recommendations for what to do next for $97.

“Jenny is a fantastic listener—that rare person who can quickly make sense of a narrative and pull the details together to see a viable, productive path forward. She knows UX inside and out, knows the bumpy path of the freelance life and is able to give valuable, motivational advice to someone looking to make inroads into this field.

After our initial talk, Jenny summarized my challenges and strengths and helped me feel positive about next steps. She’s practical and at the same time empowering about how UX really works and helped me see and express the value of chaotic experiences when lessons learned weren’t obvious. In UX, where empathy toward users is so critical, Jenny is someone for whom empathy toward others is instinctive. I envy anyone lucky enough to either work with Jenny or receive coaching from her about their UX career.”

— Cynthia G.

“Besides getting me a job? Jenny sparked my confidence so much. Recruiters would want me to talk more about something. It made me feel like my work was worth showing. Talking with Jenny helped organize my thoughts a lot better. It was easy to take it to someone and walk somebody through it. It made me a lot more confident about my work and people won’t get lost in the process.”

— Luisa B.

“I really appreciated how in-depth Jenny was with everything we looked at. It was a full-service thing that’s not easy to find. She is really good at breaking down every single detail about my projects and my resume. Finding ways to improve every aspect of it. It was really valuable to get insights from someone who has been working in the industry for so long. Also from a confidence boost, Jenny was really encouraging and motivating. It goes a long way. Now I feel like a product designer.”

— Amber K.

“I like how Jenny explained an idea by telling a story. That’s a very powerful way of teaching someone about something new. She was able to connect the dots for me. For example, she suggested thinking about the business side of things starting from portfolio to resume. Jenny also shared what trends or problems are happening in the industry. It’s great for students or new grads to know about that. I would definitely recommend her to my friends who need career coaching and a portfolio review.”

— Ming A.

“I gained insights tailored specifically to me on my work experience, and how I could relate my past experience in fashion to UX design. I had received feedback from other designers via email but being able to talk it through together on the call gave me much more detailed feedback and allowed questions as we went through it. This type of information is invaluable when transitioning careers.”

— Rachel B.

“Jenny’s feedback was insightful, and feedback that I didn’t receive from other reviewers of my portfolio. I liked that she suggested focusing on storytelling and clearly identified a motif, around which, each case study should be built. The business angle of the critique was also very helpful. Jenny brings industry experience, a sharp mind, a serious attitude, and an ability to deliver insightful critique in a soft and humorous way. :)”

— Felix T.

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