Hello, new UXer!

Thank you for joining me at the UX Portfolio Power Up Workshop. Here are a few ways you can take the next step in your UX journey:

Review the workshop presentation

Take your portfolio and resume to the next level with a personalized, one-on-one review session

Spend an intense hour with a seasoned UX professional who has helped creative agencies, UX consultancies, and Fortune 500 companies interview and vet potential user experience candidates. So, let’s review your portfolio pieces and your resume and get you more interviews. We’ll do this over screenshare.

Please note: This is a separate offering from the free 30-minute portfolio review that expires May 24th.

You’ll come away with how to:

  • Leverage your portfolio and resume to get more interviews
  • Prove to hiring managers that you’re a great candidate
  • Identify what’s working in your portfolio and resume and what’s not
  • Authentically showcase your skills
  • Overcome challenges you’re facing: Imposter syndrome, lack of experience, and building confidence

*Workshop attendees get $50 OFF the standard review session price of $147!

No promo code needed. Just use the button below to get started.

“Besides getting me a job? Jenny sparked my confidence so much. Recruiters would want me to talk more about something. It made me feel like my work was worth showing. Talking with Jenny helped organize my thoughts a lot better. It was easy to take it to someone and walk somebody through it. It made me a lot more confident about my work and people won’t get lost in the process.”

— Luisa B.

“I really appreciated how in-depth Jenny was with everything we looked at. It was a full-service thing that’s not easy to find. She is really good at breaking down every single detail about my projects and my resume. Finding ways to improve every aspect of it. It was really valuable to get insights from someone who has been working in the industry for so long. Also from a confidence boost, Jenny was really encouraging and motivating. It goes a long way. Now I feel like a product designer.”

— Amber K.

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