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Journey Into UX was born out of a desire to help aspiring user experience designers, like you, break into the field.

You’re here because you probably want a career that you’re excited to wake up to. A career where you can grow, be mentally stimulated, and apply both your analytical and creative brains to make an impact on people’s lives.

But perhaps you…

  • Don’t see a specific path or route forward that’s your own, and are asking yourself Am I doing ok with what I know? Am I on the right track?
  • Are feeling like you’re on a rollercoaster ride from the ups and downs of applying to UX jobs. Ups when you get feedback. Downs when you don’t hear anything.
  • Can’t tell what skills you need to have, or what you need to know, and you’re struggling with major imposter syndrome.

Through my own experience, I’m here to share resources and show you exactly how you can embark on your own exciting career in UX.

About Jenny

Hey there! I’m Jenny Sun. I started Journey Into UX to help people confidently forge their own path into User Experience. As a teacher and coach, I’ve guided dozens of aspiring UX designers to impactful careers.

I’ve taught UX 101 classes and given talks at Ladies That UX, amUX, Women in Technology, UX STRAT, General Assembly, and Talk UX. I also lead the User Experience practice at Field.

Outside of UX, I’m a mom, avid world traveler, and vegetable lover.

“Jenny is a great instructor. She used her industry knowledge and experience as tools to help me understand and execute UX principles. She was very patient and engaged; always willing to answer every question no matter how small.”

— Nakia M.

“To say I fell in love with UX is an understatement, and it encouraged me to seriously consider a career shift. Jenny is an amazing teacher and very student-focused. She cares about her students and makes herself accessible to them. She has a way of making you push yourself, of inspiring you to do better. She goes the extra mile and even made a couple introductions for me in the industry. She is a true mentor, and I am grateful for having met her.”

— Leigh H.

“I am a Visual Designer who wanted more knowledge of the UX side of design. Jenny does such a great job of breaking UX down into digestible parts, leaving you with an understanding of what you’ve learned and the confidence to move on. Jenny’s great personality and willingness to help takes the pressure of learning a complex subject away completely.”

— Cliff H.

“Over the last 6 months Jenny has provided excellent leadership, knowledge, and support as I sought to transition into a new career in UX. From the moment I asked for Jenny’s feedback, she gave prompt, detailed and contextualized information that was immediately useful for improving my resume and portfolio. Furthermore, she asked critical and insightful questions that challenged my thinking and design concepts. I’m confident that I would not have reached the level of success I have achieved today were it not for Jenny’s generous contributions.”

— Candra G.

“I really appreciate your insights especially about job search and more specifically the writing. It’s overwhelming (for me anyway) but I’m very excited about taking your advice on breaking down everything to those really basic questions. I really think that will help me retool my message. Thanks again!”

— Matt D.

“I got a job as a UX & UI Designer, and I want to thank you so much for all you’ve helped me with. From the beginnings of learning about user experience to portfolio reviews to lunches, to introductions at meetups. I think what helped me was you explaining that I should describe my work in more detail. Overall just your enthusiasm for your job and motivation to have others inspired by what user experience can offer.”

— Ryan B.

“I cannot thank you enough for your tips, I received so many compliments for being a young designer that showed her process! I got the offer, and I am leveraging it with two others. It’s been a very busy but enchanting couple of weeks.”

— Luisa B.

“Thank you so much for your help with my resume & portfolio site today. I will revise my resume based on your suggestions to make important things like goals & outcomes stand out. I’ll also add more visuals to my portfolio site.”

— Tony J.

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